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Creators of the finest scents
for over 3 generations!

Established in 2009, with a vision to be a fragrance powerhouse, Imaad Perfumes has been successful in giving every person an experience that they will come back for. As a world-class perfumery chain, we now have customers across India & the Middle East with ranges of Oudhs, Bakhoors, Oriental Scents, and Dhenul Oudhs, all of the highest quality. Our experience & expertise in crafting fragrances combined with the finest handpicked raw materials available makes our perfumes unique and alluring. Maybe this is what makes us the most discussed brand amongst experts & newbies alike. Some call it ‘The Imaad Effect’ and we call it “Passion” We believe in the Science of Scent. We are grateful for the extensive learning throughout the years, which has helped us turn our vision into reality and hold our ground as a premium brand.



We have a great team who is enthusiastic and passionate about fragrances, essential oils and the science of scent